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Dry Mouth in Plymouth, MN

Sjögren's Syndrome is a chronic auto-immune disease which can cause a variety of symptoms including dry mouth. At Northwoods Dental we are dedicated to making an environment in which a person dealing with Sjögren's can receive the care they need in comfort.

Not only are we interested in making sure the dental process is comfortable for you, but we also provide the latest in dealing with Sjögren's on a daily basis.

A dry mouth can devastate oral health even after a lifetime of your efforts toward maintaining excellent dental health. This is because the saliva which usually coats and protects the teeth is now missing.

We want you to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. To that end we offer hydrating products formulated with proven moisturizers and a special selection of targeted ingredients. These ingredients work together to promote moist feeling oral tissues, healthy teeth and fresh breath while creating a pH environment that is hostile to damage causing bacteria.

Contact us today and set an appointment to get your Sjögren's under control.