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CEREC in Plymouth, MN

CEREC technology has revolutionized the way Northwoods Dental is able to repair and restore damaged teeth. With CEREC, your Plymouth, MN dentist can build you a new Restoration that is beautiful and strong in a single visit.

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and it is nothing short of amazing. The ability for the Northwoods dentists to restore a damaged tooth with a brand new ceramic restoration without having to use an outside lab saves you both cost and time. Best of all, the CEREC restorations are natural looking since they are made with tooth-colored material.

Hygiene, control, clarity and results are all better with ClearCorrect and the convenience of these tooth alignment devices make them a superior alternative to traditional wire braces.

With ClearCorrect aligners, most people won't have any idea that you are in the middle of the “teeth straightening” process. You won't get the cuts and scrapes that often happen with traditional braces. You will be able to eat what you want, floss and brush your teeth. Best of all, you will soon have the best smile possible.

To learn more about the ClearCorrect braces alternative, contact Northwoods Dental at 763 557 0911.